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Aromatherapy: The use of natural essential oils in a diffuser or lightly blotted on the skin in certain areas has been known to reduce stress and anxiety levels. The art of aromatherapy is learning which oils are best suited for certain moods (sadness, anger, anxiousness, etc). I work with my clients on incorporating the right mixture for them. 

Candles: Incorporating candles into your nightly routine to help unwind is a perfect way to de-stress. Candle making is also a crafty and creative hobby.  Crafting allows the brain to focus on the details of creating rather than focusing on the stressful events of the day or recapping every event in our minds over and over again. I make candles for my client and discuss when is the best time to incorporate candles. 

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Journaling: One of my all time favorite homework assignments for my clients! Journal through the good, the bad, and even when you feel you have nothing to say. You always have something to say. I encourage my clients to find their voice and use it!

Chakras: Let's review your energy, levels of discomfort, and what's associated with that discomfort. We'll explore where the hesitancy, resistance, and negative thoughts stem from. 


The over aching goal is to identify barriers, increase focus, and create a plan for success. 

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