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The decision to go solo…

In April 2015, I thought about all of the advances I had made in my career and my own professional development. I realized that staying at the same place and doing the same thing wasn’t going to bring back my own mojo. I felt like things were getting a bit redundant. I tried working not only in outpatient but also in the ER. That really gave me some excitement, well that or being a slave to cup a Joe to stay up for the late night shifts. I thought about what would make me extremely happy and viola I said to myself “starting my own business.” It was a grand idea and it came with weeks and months of applications and regulations. But I wouldn’t allow my new found idea to slip away just because of some paperwork. So, I packed on some extra hours and did the research. I thought to myself, “self, you’re pretty jazzy and modern. What would make people feel comfortable with therapy?” Well, I figured I like blogs, I like a little Skype every now and then, I would like to have a therapist that was more modern and didn’t just sit at her desk and look at me, and I would want to work with a person that is well experienced and comes from an eclectic background. I figured hey, this is me, and my clients would absolutely love that individual one to one time. I also thought that my teaching and coaching skills would be great for consultation and helping others launch their own ideas for professional development and leadership. So, here I am. And here you are reading my blog. Pretty amazing right? Now it’s your turn, go!

Dr. Z.

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